Electric 3D FAQ

Frequently asked questions about our Flash based 3D engine.

How much does it cost to license this engine?
It is not our business model to license the engine to developers. It is used internally when we develop 3D projects for our clients. You are welcome to ask us for a free quote for developing the whole or parts of the 3D project for you, we have a highly skilled team that will ensure your project is a success. We are open for discussing providing developer licenses of Electric 3D though, get in touch to see if your development project can qualify.

Will a 3D accelerator make it run faster?
No. As Flash has no native support for 3D accelerators, the engine will run just as well without. In the future we might see a Flash version supporting 3D accelerators though, and Electric 3D will then automatically benefit from this as well.

Will it support our existing 3D models which are in [xxx] format?
Yes, most likely. Natively Electric 3D uses our own highly compact and optimized 3D format, designed for performance and bandwidth preserving, and we have a long range of converters that will convert most existing formats to this one.

Is it based on Papervision or other existing 3D systems?
No. This engine is a very sophisticated high performing stand alone engine 100% written from scratch by very experienced game developers, and contains all the latest tricks used by the most cutting edge games on the market today. It is closely tailormade for Flash, to ensure it performs exceptionally well in this system, unlike an existing 3D engine simply ported to Flash. Check the technology section for demos and information about the long range of exclusive features the engine offers.

What if my project requires a feature not supported by your engine?
Our Electric 3D engine is continuously improved and a key to improving it is through new projects with very high demands. We are happy to try do the "impossible", our team are all in this for the fun of doing something extraordinary, so do not be afraid of asking too much, we definitively will try to push the borders for what is possible further for you.

Why use Flash instead of other web based 3D solutions, like Shockwave, which has native 3D support?
The lack of native 3D support in Flash requires tremendous efforts and talents to make good interactive 3D applications. Flash is basically not designed for 3D, while other systems like Shockwave are. So, why go for Flash based 3D? The answer is the huge number of Flash based clients in the market. Flash enjoys an incredible 98% penetration, and works on nearly all browsers and all operating systems. While other solutions are not truly platform independent, gives the user a lot of hassle when installing - if it works at all. Flash based 3D is a click and play experience, it just works! Besides, Electric 3D has already solved most of the tricky stuff, making Flash based 3D look great even without true native 3D support!

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