Welcome to a few samples of our previous projects, displaying the diversity of the type of products we are able to develop for you. Notice the numerous platforms we support, including iPad, iPhone, web (Flash) as well as Android.

Solitaire Classics HD (iPad)
A Solitaire game for iPad. We offer development on iPad and all versions of iPhone as well as Android. Our technology platform allows us to cross publish application and games on multiple platforms in one go. [Solitaire Classics HD Game Page]
Solitaire Classics
3D Map System (Web/Flash)
State of the art military technology allows scanning whole cities in 3D. Our revolutionary 3D map system allows web users to fly around in these highly detailed 3D maps in realtime. Best of all, it's all Flash based, so no plugins are needed! Just click and fly to your favorite destination! [Promo Video]
3D Map System
3D Flight Simulator (Web/Flash)
Fly over the Antarctic with this Flash based 3D Flight Simulator. It shows how Electric 3D engine can be used to render vast outdoor landscapes in high resolution at excellent framerates, without breaking a sweat! [Fullscreen Demo]
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Rally Stars (Mobile)
Our 3D racing game engine is powering Electronic Arts popular Rally Stars mobile game. The same 3D racing game engine has also been used in many other mobile racing games, including Dakar Rally 2009 (published by Electronic Arts) and Petter Solberg Rally (published by Microsoft).
3D Panorama Viewer (Web/Flash)
A high performing and flexible 3D Panorama Viewer based on our powerful Electric 3D engine. Works in any browser, and has loads of features. [Demo]
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  Recent News:
bullet iPhone 4 optimized Solitaire Classics is now released
bullet Solitaire Classics HD released
bullet iPad/iPhone/Android cross platform publishing system completed
bullet New homepage design
bullet We are hiring
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