Over the years we have developed an extensive well tested technology base which we offer to you as our customer, giving you rock solid, stable and high quality results at a lower cost.

Cross platform development

We specialize on cross platform development. Many of our clients wants their products to be available on more than one system, and our cross platform technology is well prepared for publishing your product wherever you want.

Platforms we support include:

Adobe Flash
iPhone 2G/3G/4G
Android based devices
Windows Phone 7
All J2ME and Symbian based devices
Third party platforms like Facebook

Supported Platforms

3D technology

We have heaps of experience with 3D related projects, and have developed 3D games for top game publishers like Electronic Arts and Microsoft. We support 3D on any platform of your choice, including web through our Flash based Electric 3D engine.

We also offer 3D development on mobile phones, and we were in fact one of the first companies in the world to offer 3D game development for mobile devices, all the way back in 2006, when we developed Petter Solberg Rally later published by Microsoft.

Click for fullscreen Electric 3D

Multiuser, social networks and community technology

We offer strong skills and understanding in both designing and developing social networks and in general networked systems, and our crew have been working with this type of technology since the dawn of the Internet.

Handling the enourmous amount of traffic these types of services produces is one of the key solutions we provide. By using several well tested technologies like Amazon's EC2 cloud computing systems, database sharding and advanced caching systems we guarantee your systems will be working well through extremely high loads.

Wether you want to publish a game on Facebook, or you want to make a huge network connecting millions of people worldwide to one service, we offer the skills and experience needed to make it work.

Note that our network systems also work well across all the platforms we support, so imaging people connecting to your product from their iPhone, from web, from an Android Phone or from wherever they want. All interacting with each others in the same way.

Some typical projects we have been working on in this category are:

Facebook games
Multiplayer iPhone games
Chat systems
Real time video transfer
Virtual worlds


  Recent News:
bullet iPhone 4 optimized Solitaire Classics is now released
bullet Solitaire Classics HD released
bullet iPad/iPhone/Android cross platform publishing system completed
bullet New homepage design
bullet We are hiring
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